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Step into the realm of exceptional earnings with DigitalAdvertiser's unique affiliate program, a game-changer in an industry typically characterized by low payouts.

While the standard in the market hovers around a modest 5% one-time commission per sale, we're breaking the mold by offering a lucrative 40% lifetime recurring commission as long as your referral stays on the program.

This means that as an affiliate, your earning potential doesn't just stop at the initial sale like most affiliate offers. As long as the customer you referred continues using our service, you'll keep earning a substantial 40% commission every month and with our exceptional onboarding program, we close and have clients stay with us longer.

This not only ensures a steady stream of income but significantly amplifies your earning potential over time. Our program stands out not just for its recurring nature but also for the sheer size of the payouts, which are considerably higher than most affiliate offers in the market.

Let's Talk Numbers

Our average affiliate payout is approximately $118 per customer to the affiliate. If that customer stays for a year, which is quite common, that amounts to $1,426 per year for just one customer. Now, imagine if you referred 10 customers; that would be $14,260 you'd make in a year.

Who Is This For?

We are looking for individuals who possess the ambition and drive to turn a side-hustle into a significant source of income, or even more. With our seasoned team, a team who is familiar in making money in different ways online, will be providing affiliate the latest strategies to help them succeed.

Join us and be a part of a select group who will capitalize on this rare and rewarding opportunity. Complete the application and we'll review and let you know.


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